Sunday, 1 November 2015

Do Arts & Sciences seek the truth?

Sciences is an area of knowledge that deals specifically with the facts, figures and evidence behind any sort of reasoning. This could be through different forms of experimentation, hypothesizing theories and evaluating speculation. Often times, scientists and phycological people use science as a basis for identifying what may be considered the truth through little cognitive biased and more through the idea of inductive reasoning where science is used to 'seek the truth' a general understanding to a specific reasoning. While many might follow the basis of science for reasoning and truth, others use art as a form of finding the justified belief behind anything.

The arts are a mode of expression that would cease to captivate the audience through the depiction the artist seems to create around them. On one hand, science is a foundation for inductive reasoning and specific analysis, on the other hand, art is used as a foundation for deductive reasoning where it is all about perception and skepticism. Art can be classified into literature, paintings, music, drama, dance etc. For example, in the painting of 'Piss Christ', It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist's urine, the idea of such a copntreversial painting has raised several questions about what it truly means. While some might say it is a sin to draw something like this and it is a an insult to both Jesus and Christianity, others might argue that the painting was a symbol of love and affection that the artist felt towards his religion and ethnicity. I agree that art is made from one's intention. It is a message that the artist intends to send out his/her truth. However, some argue that 'everyone has a different truth'. As Ms Jones said during her lecture, 'Is the knowledge of arts in the intention of the artist? Or the way that the audience perceives the art form? 

Personally, I believe that arts & sciences are two different ways of knowing the truth. They can be interlinked however, I believe that unless and until we come to a consensus of how knowledge comes from about arts OR sciences, there will always be a constant debate as to what art OR sciences really comprises of.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts Ananya. It is important to distinguish between inductive and deductive reasoning - Science uses INDUCTIVE reasoning. In your notes, you might want to write about the difference between these.